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6 Things to lookout before renting a serviced apartment in London

Renting a serviced apartment has become a great option these days for the people who live in the UK. In upscale districts like Mayfair serviced apartments have become the prior choice right from the travelers who visit, to companies who send their employees for business dealings and for the people who are new to the country. There are many reasons behind opting for serviced apartments over hotels and private rentals. In these apartments, you can live as you choose. You can cook or you can dine out in the best restaurants which are only a stone’s throw away. You can welcome your guests and you can hold your business meetings. 

Before booking a serviced apartment for rent there are 6 key things which you should never miss. Have a quick look at the factors which are listed below.

Is the apartment furnished?

Finding an apartment in central London is not a strenuous task but choosing a perfect serviced apartment that is fully furnished is important. If you rent an unfurnished apartment you will need to buy your furnishings which is problematic. Before renting, check the pictures of the apartment in which you are going to stay and be aware of the following terms which advertisers use in their ads. 

Unfurnished apartments:

This type of apartment will have curtains and goods like a fridge, washing machine, etc. If you want to move into unfurnished apartments you will need to buy most of the furnishings required by yourself.

Partly furnished apartments:

This type of apartment includes basic furniture like curtains, fridge and washing machine along with some other furniture like chairs. These apartments are not provided with beds or sofas.

Fully furnished apartments:

Fully furnished apartments will have all the furnishing along with tables beds and sofas. Some landlords even provide goods like kettles, utensils, toasters, etc.

You should have a clear conversation with the landlord before renting an apartment in London.

Pet policy

 In places like London, it is common to have a pet. Not all serviced apartments in London will allow pets while you are renting. If you already have a pet or looking to buy a pet in the future, it’s important to check about the pet policy with the landlord without signing the contract with eagerness. This is the most common thing people forget who are new to the London. Some apartments are fine with all pets, some are negotiable depending on the type of pet, and others have strict no-pets policies. To not regret later make sure to check about pet policy before renting.

The Budget

Whether you are looking for serviced apartments in London for short stay or for long term, first fix your budget and check for an apartment that falls within your budget. Compare prices of different serviced apartments and then make a choice. Never forget to know about the services provided by the landlord and pay according to the services provided to you. Also, get all the details about additional benefits provided, and their charges. Not all additional benefits are within the price. Some apartments may charge you additionally.

Is parking available?

If you have a car and want to rent an apartment in London, the most important thing you should check before renting is does your apartment has available parking spaces.

You should also check with your landlord about the parking charges. Some apartments will charge extra, which will be an additional amount apart from the overall budget. Some apartments will not have a parking facility, and you should try locating your car in the safest place which will be a difficult task. It’s worth checking all the details of vehicle parking while looking for an apartment in London to save your time.

Go with reviews


By not booking an apartment in a hurry, read the reviews about the apartment in which you are willing to move in from and other sites which helps in understanding more about the services provided. On the other hand, don't just blindly believe the negative reviews provided by the sites. Compare from different websites, talk with the owner and then book your apartment.

Internal service team:

If you have moved to an apartment that doesn’t have an on-site team may become difficult when you get repairs. If you are a traveler or a person new to the city you may not have contacts to get quick repairs and maintenance. Checking for an internal service team may not seem to be an essential thing but it may end up in difficulties at some time. Apartments with on-site service may provide you better help in building maintenance, emergency repairs, grocery delivery and more.

Additional benefits:

Some places will provide only the required furniture and goods which are part of the amount you are paying to the landlord. There are some apartments which will provide additional benefits which are not included in the price. The benefits may include personal training sessions, internal gym, games rooms, workspaces, etc which will bring home-like feel. Moving into apartments that provide these additional benefits may help you in saving time and if you are new to the city where you don’t know anyone. There will be some policies in which you have to pay the benefits provided in the apartment. Have a clear conversation with the owner before moving into the apartment.


Having access to lift is not common in all serviced apartments. If you are booking an apartment without checking for lifts in the building you should be comfortable climbing stairs. For a better living in the apartment don’t forget to enquire about the access to the lifts.

By not just booking an apartment without checking key things, take the time and choose a well-serviced apartment which brings the home-like feel and make your stay comfortable with a lot of good memories.

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