rent a luxury apartment in London

An Alternative To A Hotel When Visiting London

London is a very large capital city - one of the biggest in the world – with a population of 9 million. It also has 19 million visitors each year and every last one of them needs somewhere to stay. This is why there are so many hotels in central London to cater for all these people, and it is also why they are so expensive because – within reason – they can charge what they like because they basically have a captive audience. They consider that all these visitors don’t have a choice, but some shrewd travellers know that they do.

If you, too, are a shrewd traveller you will know that there is an alternative and it is to rent a luxury apartment in London. More and more today, people are coming to realise that renting a luxury serviced apartment has lots of benefits.

Note that we said “serviced”. Many of these apartments to rent in London have the same services as a hotel: 24 hour concierge and security, the latest TV in your room, high speed broadband, and more. The only things they don’t have are a bar and a restaurant. Otherwise, as long as you make a wise choice, you have the same services for a lot less than a hotel.

So yes, you have to do your own cooking. But then again you don’t, because if you want to eat in a restaurant there are dozens right on your doorstep in central London. And that is the only difference, apart from the fact that if you want a drink you don’t have to pay hotel bar prices which can leave you astounded.

Carlton Court is a block of five apartments in central Mayfair just off Piccadilly and provides every luxury that you could wish for, as described above, and a lot more besides. There is a 7 day maid service, so you don’t have to make the bed in the morning, and you are provided with a breakfast hamper with everything that you could wish for to get your day off to a good start. You also have privacy, which many people value, and you don’t get that in a hotel.

It doesn’t get better than Carlton Court.