London luxury holiday apartments

Plenty To Do In London, But The Hotel Prices Are Astronomical

If you are coming to London on holiday and bringing the family it is no doubt the treat of a lifetime for the kids. London is a vibrant city and there is a lot going on and plenty for them to see and do. There is the Tower of London where they can see the Crown Jewels, Buckingham Palace, Regent’s Park Zoo – one of the largest zoos in the world – art galleries, museums, cinemas, theatres, and as for the shopping – well your partner will be delighted! If you stay in Mayfair in the West End some of the finest shopping in the world is within walking distance. 

However, when you are bringing the family the problem is the cost of staying in a hotel. If you are a multi-millionaire it is no problem, but the fact is that the vast majority of us are not. A family of four is going to need two hotel rooms and in Mayfair you can well be looking at £1,500 a night for that. Over a fortnight’s stay that adds up to a big amount, and that’s before you have dinner in the hotel restaurant!

What many visitors to the city are doing in the 21st century is looking for London luxury holiday apartments instead. These are becoming the temporary residence of choice for many visitors because they have a number of benefits compared with a hotel. Just to begin with, a two bed apartment will cost a lot less than £1,500 a night.

Carlton Court is an apartment block in the heart of Mayfair and provides all the luxury you would get in a hotel – and more – for a lot less. You get a 7 day maid service, 24 hour concierge and security, high speed broadband, the latest TV’s in every room, king sized beds, a private lift to all floors, and furnishings that are the last word in luxury. Better still, you don’t have to share it with 500 other people in a hotel – for the duration of your holiday it is your family home. If you want a bottle of wine you can buy it at a wine merchant round the corner rather than paying hotel bar prices which are astronomical. A luxury apartment in Carlton Court is by far a better choice.