short term apartments in London

Property In London Is Expensive, And Hotels Charge Accordingly

A visit to London is always an expensive business. Quite simply, London – like any other capital city in the world – is an expensive place to live. Housing in the capital is incredibly pricey: three years ago a young couple sold a one bedroom flat in Tottenham – which is not actually in central London but just outside – and bought a five bedroom home on the south coast for cash with the proceeds! That is how expensive London is.

That is why visiting London is also expensive. You have to stay somewhere, and the price of property is through the roof, so hotels charge accordingly. They also think that you really have no choice, so they can charge what they like, but the fact is that today you do.

You can now rent short term apartments in London for a lot less than you can get a hotel bedroom. Not only that, if you choose wisely you can rent a luxury apartment in the West End that has all the bells and whistles of a Park Lane hotel other than a bar and restaurant.

A luxury apartment such as those at Carlton Court is furnished to the same standard – or possibly even better – than your own home. Even multi-millionaires are now beginning to choose a luxury apartment rather than a hotel because it gives them all the benefits of home rather than having to share a large hotel lounge with hundreds of other people. With a luxury apartment comes PRIVACY. You can also invite guests around for a drink or a meal in exactly the same way that you would at home. 

Of course, if you don’t feel like cooking there are plenty of restaurants on the doorstep in the West End of London. However, the Carlton Court apartments have fully fitted kitchens with everything you need so you can cook your favourite meals if you choose. You also have everything else such as high speed broadband, TV’s in every room, 7 day housekeeping service, 24 hour security, staff who speak multiple languages, air conditioning, underfloor heating, and more – and it is all included in the price. It beats a hotel on every level.