boutique apartments in Central London

Put Your Staff Up In A London Apartment Rather Than A Hotel

If you are a director of a company who is sending two or three members of staff to London on business – whether it is for a couple of weeks or even several months – you will obviously want to find the most economical way of putting them up. Of course, you can book them into a hotel in Mayfair, but over time it is going to cost a small fortune. A far less expensive way is to book one of the boutique apartments in Central London for the length of their stay, such as those at Carlton Court. 

If you book your staff into a hotel room they will obviously need a single room each, so it is whatever the rate is times three. You can book a three-bedroom apartment for considerably less than three hotel rooms, and there are other cost savings too. Staying in a hotel means that you have to pay for their meals at hotel prices, whereas staying in one of the available Mayfair serviced apartments means that they do their own shopping and cooking, which over a few weeks will save an enormous amount of money. Your staff are not doing anything different from what they do at home, and you save a considerable amount.

They can also do all their own laundry as they would at home rather than paying hotel laundry rates, and that will save more. Then there is the subject of UK VAT. In a hotel the rate is the standard 20%. It is the same in a rented serviced apartment, but only for the first 28 days. After that, the rate of VAT on the rental drops, so you can save money there as well. 

There is another very big consideration when renting a serviced apartment and that is the overall well-being of your staff. Staying in a hotel room for weeks on end and living out of a suitcase can have a very debilitating effect upon morale. They will also have far more space in an apartment than in a hotel room, so you will get better productivity out of your staff when they have their “own” home while they are in London.