Central London serviced apartments

Serviced Apartments In Central London Beat A Hotel Any Day!

When you come to London – whether on business or for pleasure – you can obviously stay in one of the many well-known London hotels. If you are only staying for a couple of nights this might be quite a good choice, but when you are staying for longer it can become quite stressful in a London hotel. Part of the problem is that they are so big and have so many people constantly coming and going that it seems as though you are living in a huge dormitory.

Your other alternative is to book into one of the Central London serviced apartments that are available. The accent here is on the word “serviced”. With most of these, such as our apartments in Carlton Court, you get the same – or even better levels of service than you would in a hotel. We provide a 7-day housekeeping and maid service so that you never have to lift a finger. You also have a 24 hour concierge and security service. Above all, you get total privacy because our apartment becomes your home away from home for the duration of your stay. You can quite literally treat it as your own home because that is what it becomes. There is just you and your family, and no one else. 

You will also find that our apartments give you much more space than a hotel room. You have a bedroom which is large and has a king-sized double bed, and in one of the larger apartments super king-sized. You also have either an ensuite bathroom or a separate one, a fully fitted kitchen so that you can cook your own food and also do your own laundry, and a luxurious reception room in which to relax, or perhaps invite guests around for a drink or two. It’s your place, so do with it what you wish.

All our apartments have high speed broadband, TV’s in every room which have the latest Sky HD package with multiple channels available in many languages, and even an electronic safe for your valuables with your own personal code. 

All this for perhaps half the price – or even less – of a hotel room!