Mayfair apartments in London

When Visiting London You Have A Choice Of Accommodation

When you are visiting London you obviously need somewhere to stay. You may be coming here on business or it may be for a holiday, but either way you need a base at which to sleep and eat. Of course, you may have a relative here who has a spare room, which would solve the problem –unless you are bringing the family. Otherwise, you need to rent a hotel room.

Or do you?

Many people are unaware that there is an alternative, and that is a choice of Mayfair apartments in London. Yes, there are people who own private apartments or blocks in which there are apartments and let them out to visitors to the city on the same basis as a hotel. In other words, you can stay for a night or two, or you can stay for several months.

The only difference between a hotel and a luxury apartment is that in an apartment you have to do your own cooking and there is no bar. Of course, there is one other big difference, and that is the cost. Believe it or not, a luxury apartment will cost a lot less than a hotel, and the longer you stay the greater the difference because in an apartment the VAT drops considerably after 30 days consecutively. Of course, if you don’t want to do your own cooking that’s fine because there are so many restaurants in Mayfair that you couldn’t visit them all if you went to a different one every night for two months.

Carlton Court is one such apartment block and contains five luxury apartments that sleep from one person or two up to as many as six. Everything is laid on in Carlton Court, so you have a 24 hour concierge and security service, high speed broadband, and a 7 day maid service, which is the same as a hotel. However, you have much more space than in a hotel bedroom and you don’t have to share the lounge with 500 other people. For the duration of your stay in London you actually have your own home from home.